Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Share Your Art Galleries

Almost there!! I've got all the entries scored, and now I'm double checking for consistency and such. Hoping to finish today!

In the meantime, if you would like to share your other art with everyone, you're invited to post a link to your web site or DA or other art account in the comments of this blog entry! This way visitors will have a single location on the blog at which they can find these links. After seeing your stuff here, I'm sure they'd love to see more!


Malu CLBS said...

If you want to see more of my art, come and check it here
I hope you like my artwork! ^_^

bishoujosteph said...

Egads I'm so nervous!!! *twitch*

Anyway, my DA account is here if anyone is interested:

Rae said...

I only recognize a few of the artists who entered, it will be cool to see the other stuff everyone has done.

My website is Electric Dreams and I'm Beldolor on DA.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the judging is coming along smoothly ^^ I'm really looking forward to the outcome! I honestly don't know how you'll be able to pick the winner. So may great entries for all sorts of reasons!
Unfortunately for me, I was unable to enter >< I found out about the contest a little late, and school work had to be done first... so it didn't leave me with much time. I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity ^^ I almost forgot how much I love to draw Link. I still have yet to complete that pic XD
But when I do I'll post it in my Dev gallery....which is very empty and not that much to look at at the moment.

or sheezy...

Thanks again, Hylian Reploid!
You helped me get back into doing the thing that I love!

lol, sorry for the huge comment XD

Myre said...

My image is "Rainy Day Rest", and I've got a DA gallery under the name Myreitha, so if anyone wants to find me, they can find me here:


Anonymous said...

i love this idea!
If you wanna see some of my work, you're so welcome!


Anonymous said...

I'm NARobles. If you guys wanted to check out more of my stuff I'm on DA as well. http://bardoftheseas.deviantart.com/

Aerawen-Vanhouten said...

Squeee! I could cut the tension with a knife!

My entry was "Spirit" and you can see more of my stuff at:

I'd love to hear what you think!

poisonedsodapop said...

I'm poisonedsodapop on DA. I don't post a lot of stuff cause all of my better stuff is in a huge sketchbook but I'll get around to it. I should have some digital works of my better stuff towards the end of March since we're doing an art show. Bah, I'm rambling...http://poisonedsodapop.deviantart.com

Malicekisho said...


I'm so happy to see so many entries here, this was a really good idea

lildragon said...

Here is my deviantart: lildragon @ deviantart

I made two fanarts, 'A moment of doubt', Link and volvagia and Link relaxing in Hyrule field.

I also have a fantasy site where you can find various artworks made by me. lildragon's Fantasy art

And good luck to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Volvagia!! *dances* I really enjoyed watching all the pictures, especially those with Volvagia (/me total volgagia addict), so I honestly hope the Volvagia pics will rule 'em all!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you going to tell us what criteria you used to score the pictures after you declaired a winner?

kacfrog711 said...

Oh, this list will be useful if everyone uses it. Although I managed to find a handful of the entries on DA, there were still a lot of artists I was curious about. In that vein, it's not exactly hard to find me or my entry as we've been on Deviantart for a while now, but:

I'm Kacfrog711 at Deviantart. And I tend to do mostly Zelda and KH fanart, because it's what I love. <3

Anonymous said...

Im up for sharring



See you later.

Sajomir said...

woohoo! shameless plug!


My entries were "Power versus Courage" and "Screwed"

Kai Dragion said...

Someday I'll add some more recent work! Promise!

eERIechan said...

umm... I put my page on the entry xD~ but here it is my DA anyway eERIechan's gallery ^^
now I have lots of new people to stalk on there xDD

Darrin said...


Please check it out :)

Anonymous said...

I'm also interested to see what the entries were scored by. I'm really excited just to see who won - there were so many fabulous entries!

Anonymous said...

I did the entry entitled "makin sure" i got more at http://chase-sc2.deviantart.com/

i gotta say I'm impressed with how smoothly this whole contest has been run, good work

Eiffel said...


My entry was 'To Know My Enemy'.

I can be found over at http://eiffelart.deviantart.com

SaiyaGina said...

I'm also recognicing some galleries but It'll be interesting to see through all these galleries too!!


SaiyaGina said...

By the way my entry was


XDDD Sorry for double posting

sythiar said...

If you like to go and visit my art you can do so on deviantart as well. My account name is http://sythiar.deviantart.com (logically) :].
The name of the entry I did for this contest is "Connected".

I think it was a good and very practical idea to write this entry. I was already interested to know where to find people's non-contest related art before and in some cases I searched for it in vain. So now one can finally find the individual galleries easily. :]

Anonymous said...

omg! this is fun~ everyone's gallery is wonderful! and the entries are awesome~ many talented artists out there. well goodluck to everyone! Zelda rocks! Thanks for making it happen Hylian_Reploid. If you make another contest, please tell me.^_^ g/l on the judging, take your time. my DA gallery is:

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Google failed me when I did searches for some of the artists. My web-fu is weak. Anyway, here's my plug. I did "fairy ring", "leap of faith" and "Waiting for her knight"

Anonymous said...

here is NWebb's Site

LivingOxymoronArt said...

My website is nyah if you feel like perusing:

Ted McClung

Anonymous said...

'Ey, this is AVT, the illustrator of "Maestro."

You can find me on deviantART at:



bishoujosteph said...

Eek, I didn't even put which pieces I did lol

I'm the person behind "Nostalgia" and "Obessive Much?" -

sha said...



my entries are Link VS twinrova and Bye bye navi.

:3 :3

Anonymous said...

I've just recently emerged from art block, and will soon have a lot of time to do art, so expect a lot from...


I'm pretty 100% sure I won't be winning this contest. :) But I can't wait to see who does!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, goodies, now I have people to check their stuff! I\ve been waiting for something like that! Well, for anyone intersted, here's my gallery: zorbama.deviantart.com
Please tell me how can I improve, thanks!

wings said...

I prefer to go by wings, but my devART name is wings33 and on ZeldArt I'm "~wings."


I entered several things.. semi-notably would be Goodbye and The Greatest Challenge. ^_^;;

Anonymous said...

This's my gallery. :)


Jonathan T. said...

Good luck everyone! The contest has been a blast!
You can find my DA here: www.xuadobiht.deviantart.com

Rah-Bop said...

I did the "Loach Wrangler" picture. Here's my gallery.

Anonymous said...


My site, if you wanted to see more work.

Anonymous said...

Hey, guys, it's really nice to see so many good looking entries for the contest! I'm Elazul's core and I worked on "An Underwater Adventure", and my gallery is viewable here:

I've been on a Zelda kick as of late! Seeing all the art everyone's done, and looking at videos of gameplay on YouTube, watching the cartoon show on DVD, and playing the games, I even had a dream of a Zelda anime movie last night, wherein I somehow took the role of Link himself as a child with glasses. xD I defeated Ganon who was dressed as a businessman o_0... and Zelda and I were sent to the place I work at in the waking world after doing so. >_> Some reward.

Hylian Reploid, thanks for all this organized work you've done to bring it all together, and I can't imagine how tough it must be to judge the entries when there's so many good, soulful entries, but I think that you will do your best with your decisions.

I'd like to see what other Zelda type art everyone else has, so I will try to get around to checking out these links everyone's giving up. ^_^ Zelda fan artists are fun to converse and share memories with, we have a deep connection thanks to the ingenius series lore, I think. I've been a fan since the 80s, so to me it's more of an immersive legacy than it is a video game series.

Hylian Reploid said...

LOL, what a funny dream!

AyaDragonsheart said...

*shifty eyes*


Anonymous said...

I sort of post general fanart but there's lots of Sonic and FullMetal Alchemist stuff on my DA page.


Christine said...


Anonymous said...

Great idea,
you can find my blog at http://rydenbreeze.wordpress.com/
and my DA at http://rydenbreeze.deviantart.com/