Wednesday, March 14, 2007


This is it--the moment you've been waiting for! I hereby present the Ocarina of Time fanart contest's Top 30:

If the slideshow doesn't work for you or you prefer going at your own pace, try this link:

Congratulations to the prize winners and to everyone who made the list! It was extremely close, with several entries having tied scores, in which case I had to make my choice based on personal preference. You all did very well; no one scored below 25!

Here are these entries' scores and an explanation of how they were judged (but be sure to visit one of the above links first if you don't want to ruin the surprise):

If your entry is not listed and you would like to know your score, feel free to e-mail me for it. I did my best to judge each entry fairly, but inevitably someone will see a score with which he or she does not agree. Please, no questioning or criticizing of scores, no insulting others' work, and no flaming. How one appreciates a piece of art depends heavily upon personal opinion, and these scores reflect mine. I appreciate everyone's maintaining a friendly, respectful atmosphere regardless of who got what.

My deepest thanks goes out to each and every one of you for your participation! You've made the contest into everything I hoped it would be and much more. I'm pleased and honored to see how many lives it's touched with enrichment and inspiration. As a special token of my appreciation, I would like to offer this gift: the original soundtrack to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess! Since the CDs released by Nintendo contain only a fraction of the game's music, this is the only way I know of that you can get the rest of it. Please help yourself and enjoy!

TP OST archive (.zip, 229 MB)

(There will be lots of ads on the page; look for a link that says "Download for free with FileFactory Basic.")


Sajomir said...

Woohoo! Made the top 30!

Congratulations to both winners - I'll leave the names out so people can go look for themselves ;)

Sajomir said...

*waaaaait a sec~

I got the lowest "concept" score out of 'em all? D:
Ah well, the original idea DID come from one of the OST covers afterall. ^_^

Eiffel said...

Whee~ Top 30~<3 ^^

Congrats to the winners!!

AyaDragonsheart said...

*faints dead away*

I'm surprised I even made 6th place.

Katie Diedrick said...

Wow, I just had a bit of a spaz fit when I saw that the winners were finally placed!! I was really suprised becuase some of my favorites made it into the top 20, but not the top 5.
What a great job, everyone! :) This was really fun!

Anonymous said...

Congatulations, winners, and all the rest on the list! This list came out way different than i thought it would, but nevermind, great job!

Malu CLBS said...

Congratulations to the winners! ^_^

I didn't even make it to the top 30 list... T_T but I guess that's just a matter of likings. Anyway... this encourages me to make better drawings in the future.

Anonymous said...

Ouch not even in the top 30


Rah-Bop said...

Yay! Congratulations to the winners! I want to say congratulations to the rest of the top 30 as well, but a lot of my favorite entries didn't even place. X3; So instead, I will say, congratulations to everybody! 8D

I'm glad we did that list thing in the previous post so I can go hunt down various artists and shower them with praise. <3

Darrin said...

yay #4! congrats to all who entered, there were some seriously sweeeeeeeet pieces out there! i was considering not even entering lol!

Angelo said...

:-( I wanna know my score... I hope I at least did good for the concept, since that's the main aspect of my picture...

Anonymous said...

yay im in top 30! congrats to the winners! i even appreaciate those who joined. this was really fun! Thanks for making it happen. If you make another contest, tell me~~ XDDD well thanks for telling me about this contest. ^_^


Anonymous said...

That was so much fun. Major congrats to those who participated in this contest and for the winners! :D

-- Messa

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those were incredible. Close call with a lot of them, I think. Your scoring system was really precise, I think. :D

Good effort all around, I think. Great job everyone!

SaiyaGina said...

I'm SO SO SURPRISED!!! My heart was really hard beating when the slideshow was running, and got sad because started the top10 with so awesome pictures, I was sure I didn't make the top 30...

But... there I am! in the 8th!!!! O______O OMFG, is not the first place, but is so satisfying to know that I'm on the top 10, thanks a lot Hylian Reploid! <3333

The first and second places are so worthing of their places, I'm very happy for AVT and Min Roh



By the way I liked so much how the contest and the score were done, indeed this was one of the most exciting contest without waiting so much, you really did a good job on this contest!

bishoujosteph said...

Congrats everyone :)

Wow, according to the scores I was emailed I was RIGHT AT 30, but a couple points off with one and only a couple more with the other. My concept score with one, and appeal with the other kept me out of the top 30, oh well. To rank what I did wasn't too bad at all, I'm not as disappointed lol. :D

Great job guys

Mandy said...

Such great fanart was submitted for this contest! Congrats to all the winners.

Although I must a bit, a small part of me is glad that a Malon and Link fanart made 2nd place ;) wewt!

Anonymous said...

So that was how the judging was handled. Pretty precise system you made up, Reppy. Sounds fair to me.
I don't get a Wii or TP ;-;... but thank you for the TP OST! =D

Hmm, this was a fun contest! I managed to boost my Zelda legacy appreciation up by a good bit in the duration from when I worked on an entry up until now, and it's not gonna be stopping any time soon either.
There were such great looking pictures to see, and the winners make me jealous with their winningness, but it's good for them that they're getting prizes. They obviously had spent much of their time and thoughts in their work. As did a lot of the top 30 artists. There were a lot of pictures there that I thought to myself would be able to win this thing because they were imbued with that amazing charm that comes from an artist who really understands and feels the connection that Zelda games can make with us. I'm gonna have to step up my fan artwork from now on, so I can feel as tho I did my best with representing why I love the series as much as I do.

Thanks for the contest, Reppy! A big gathering of fan artists making Zelda stuffs for a single event, it seriously needed to be done by someone, somehow.

~Elazul's core~

Hylian Reploid said...

Thanks, I'm glad people feel that the scoring system was reasonable. I do hope to hold another contest someday! Next time I'll take everything I've learned from this one and try to make it better than ever! ^^

Thanks again for all your contributions and support!

Anonymous said...

Did'nt even make the top 30.
oh well, least I was beaten fair and square.

Thanks for the fun contest.

Anonymous said...

I personally think your eye for "detail" and "difficulty" are a bit off, but rather ordered a few by effort level. I made it sound bad but it's not ^_^;
I'm not even a contestant so don't listen to me =_=
great initiative, keep it up girl

Anonymous said...

Yes, more contests! = D
Hmm, Majora's Mask theme, Wind Waker theme, or maybe some old school 2D Zelda game love...? So many choices. D= Or maybe some other game series entirely could be the theme.

~Elazul's core~

Christine said...

The first place totally deserves it. :)