Thursday, September 20, 2007


Hey, everyone! Rest assured that I haven't forgotten about or abandoned this blog. Hope you all haven't either! I still intend to hold a second contest, but since I'm now back in college my finances are a bit on the slim side. I've been thinking about it, though, and the series for the next event has been decided. I'm not going to say what it is just yet, as that would give waaaay too much of an advantage, but once the time draws near, we'll see!

What I'm thinking of doing is making this a yearly event. So then, if all goes well, 2008 should see my second annual video game fanart contest! It'd be nice if everyone could have a general timeframe each year in which to look for a competition to be held. It'd give me plenty of time to save up and prepare as well. Anyone who still visits this blog, what months are best for you? Also, any opinions to offer on possibly holding a cash raffle and/or random prize drawing in addition to the contest prizes?

(Due to spam "comments" that have been appearing in the blog in recent weeks, I've activated the moderation feature, so comment posts won't show up until I approve them. If I see enough genuine activity here, though, I'll go ahead and take it back off.)


Anonymous said...

hey! zelda fan here! im so glad that there is another one! umm, any month ya say? oh....any month works for me! but i'd say...oct.27th through Apr.11th! I can't wait! =D

Anonymous said...

i am soooo excited! i can't wait!=D for the months i would have to say oct. 28th-apr. 11th. for the drawing thing, could you use only pencil, (of course paper), no digital affects?=| just black and white?=I if not then just paints, color pens, pencils, markers, cranons, but noooo computer to make the affects. well, to make it more chalanging, seeing the real work that they have done.=\ i'm only giving ideas for the drawing contest.=] but this is your art thing, but what ever works. ^-^

Hylian Reploid said...

I'm looking forward to it too! Looking back at how the entries for the first contest were scored, I've decided I'm definitely going to do some things differently next time around. I may very well allow different categories of entry, as you suggested, or I'll ensure that pencil art and similar types will receive more credit. I feel that they didn't get nearly as much as they deserved, especially considering that some of my favorite pics were done in pencil yet didn't make the top 30. I feel bad about that and intend to do a better job of evening things out this time!

AyaDragonsheart said...

Haha! I'm definitely checking back here every so often. XD I don't wanna get surprised at the last minute with a awesome contest again.

Good time would be sometime before next year. Other wise I might not get to participate.

The only draw back I see happening with multiple categories is needing to have more than one prize.

Plus you may have a person entering more than one category making it harder for others to win. Personally, I know that I would probably be one of those people since I have experience with a large amount of art mediums. (canvas, paper, glass, wood, cloth, clay, leather, metal, etc. etc.)

Hylian Reploid said...

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to afford having another contest before the end of this year, but I hope you'll still have an opportunity to participate!

Yeah, there'll be lots to consider as far as how things should be categorized and/or scored, but one thing that's for certain is that there will be multiple prizes.

Anonymous said...

I'm nicolas from the last contest!
Cant wait for the next one!

A suggestion though, in the next contest I think it would give more creativity if it was about a series in general than just one game in the series.
For example if its FF then fanart based on any FF from FF1 through FF13 rather than say, limit it to FF7.

Of course you do what you want and I'll try my luck again no matter what :D last one was fun.

Hylian Reploid said...

Hi, Nicolas, I'm really glad to hear that you intend to enter the next contest! I love your style, and I think the next theme will suit it perfectly.

Also, I think you'll be happy to know that the next contest will indeed be based on an entire series! Keep checking back for more details, everyone!