Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Why should Link get to have all the fun? Hehe! Starting tonight, I'm going on a trip out of town for several days. While I anticipate having Internet access during this time, I doubt I'll be able to use it very often with all the other stuff that will be going on. Thus, please be advised that anything you send to me between now and next Thursday may not receive a response right away.

Thanks so much for the feedback, everyone! Keep it coming! In addition to the forum ads, I've been sending personal invitations to artists whose work I've found to be particularly impressive. Those of you who have already entered, watch out, or someone could come along and snatch that Wii right out of your hands! Things are really starting to heat up!

Oh, and the entry post poll votes so far have been a lot closer than expected. Goodness, whatever shall I do if there's a tie? O_o

So much to do, so little luggage space! All righty, I'm off. 'Til next week, take care and may the Triforce be with you! *dorky salute*


Sajomir said...

Have a safe trip!

Anonymous said...

Have fun


Anonymous said...

be safe...see you later...^_^


Anonymous said...

Maybe when you return you can post the entries. It looks like that option is winning by far now.


Hylian Reploid said...

All righty, I'm back! Thanks for the well wishes! ^^ It was a great trip, but I fell more behind in my e-mail than expected, heh! Working on catching up now; thanks for your patience!

Anonymous said...

Yeah sorry bout flooding ya there