Thursday, January 25, 2007

41 Days To Go

All right, back to business! I'm all caught up now on the e-mails received while I was out of town, which I'm pleased to report was quite a few. Entries are flowing in at a very nice rate! I want to express my thanks to everyone for their interest and participation, and I also want to make a couple of announcements:
  • Since this blog now has several posts, from now on I'm going to include a link to the contest rules at the bottom of each one, to help ensure that they're easy to find.

  • There are only a few more days left to vote in the poll, which will determine when the contest entries will be posted for all to see. If you haven't plunked your two cents into it yet, better hurry, because it'll be closed after this weekend!
Only a little over a month to go before that brand new Wii is in someone's hands! You could play it, give it to a friend or loved one, or sell it for extra cash--the possibilities are up to you! Make the most of the time that remains and give it your very best! ^^


Lunitari said...

I really do hope the ''post the entries'' win the poll. Or if it doesn't will you at least post the top 10?

Sajomir said...

Posting the top 10 would just discourage anyone who didn't make it. Best to post 'em all! :)

Hylian Reploid said...

I've definitely had plans to post the top 10 at the end of the contest, but if it's decided I should post them now, I'll post as many as I can. The top 10 still won't be revealed until the end, though!