Tuesday, December 5, 2006

*slaps forehead*

I was checking on the blog today to see if any comments had been posted on it, finding to my surprise that there were absolutely none. It's a good thing I clicked on the link to check it, because I soon discovered that the blog was set to reject anonymous comments by default. Anyone who attempted to comment and couldn't because of that, please accept my apologies! ^^; It's all fixed now, so you're free to post away without having to get a Blogger account.


Myself lavah said...

did u got my entry? if not here it is :)

very sucky but...didnt have much time :)

o_O works are wow, i dont have a chance ahaha :)

Hylian Reploid said...

Yes, I've issued a confirmation e-mail for your entry today. Sorry for the delay!