Sunday, February 25, 2007

Poll's Closed.

Okay, I know that this whole deadline extension issue is seeing a lot of debate, but I never expected someone to actually try to manipulate the poll results. What's funny is that a ridiculous amount of votes is still coming in as I type this, despite the fact that I've removed the link to the poll, which confirms the obvious. To the individual responsible, shame on you!! There had better be an apology in my inbox faster than it takes to trace your IP and have your entries disqualified.

Anyways, moving on! I guess I'll just have to base my decision on the input I received before all this nonsense.

The final deadline for contest submissions will remain March 7, 2007.

There's a Wii at stake, yes, but c'mon, people! It's not worth fighting and cheating over. Let's not ruin a good thing, okay?