Friday, February 23, 2007

70,000 Thank Yous!

Whew, what a day! Just last night I received an entry from a contestant who was nice enough to include the URL to the contest blog in her picture, which was also posted to her DeviantArt (DA) account. I noticed that she was receiving a LOT of hits there and thought to myself, "All right, this should help increase my traffic!"


This evening, about 50 zillion of those little "Your poll has received 10 more votes!" notification e-mails later, I dropped by DA again to see just how much traffic that pic was getting! Lo and behold, it had made the site's home page! I took a screenshot and circled her pic in green:

I was thrilled, both for her and for all the exposure the contest was getting as a result! A little later I checked my Photobucket account, and it reported a whopping 70,000 hits! At 24 pics per page, that's almost 3,000 pageviews, right? And that's not even counting before I moved the entries to Photobucket! Wow!! I just hope the bandwidth holds out, heh!

A great, big note of thanks to you, messa, and everyone who's helped drive traffic to the contest blog! ^^

*EDIT: Please note that this post does NOT mean I will show bias for or against any entry based on its popularity or number of hits. Each picture will be judged solely by its content.


Anonymous said...

Winner is her, then?

Sajomir said...

Hehe, top 5, definately. I have a different personal fav, though. (not mine!) :P

Wow, amazing that it worked out like that, though! Congratulations to both the artist and Hylian Reploid!

And when you think about it, anyone who entered probably just got a huge boost reaching a whole new audience :D

Hylian Reploid said...

Ack! Don't anyone get the wrong idea, now! Neither indication nor implication of any winner was intended by this post. That is, I'm not saying messa's piece will be picked, and I'm not saying it won't. My pledge is that the winners will be selected for their art, and nothing more. This blog entry was made just to announce the happy occasion and, as Saj pointed out, the fact that everyone's work received extra exposure today. Sorry for any confusion!

Messa said...

People come across a bit shallow when they mention talent or attention being the ruling factor in deciding which artist deserves the grand prize.

Really, folks. So much more goes into a contest - I think anyone's pretty got a chance. I'm sure creativity and uniqueness and things of the such are going to be other things to weigh in when Hylian Reploid makes her decision.

Don't make it hard on her. She's done more than enough to bring us this wonderful opportunity; not only offering up a Wii, but copies of Twilight Princess, and then allowing us to indulge ourselves in nostalgia for an extremely awesome game.

.. Anyway.. thank you for giving us the opportunity to enter such a fun contest. :)

Natalie said...

I've seen very very few pieces from this contest, and have only heard about this bit right here from a participating artist. Y'all n00b artists need to take a chill pill and say hello to the real world! There will be one grand prize winner and a whole lot of losers in this contest. Get over it. Its a CONTEST. Y'all don't get a Wii for participating. Oh my god that would be cool.

:D ANYWAY! Don't cry, emo kids! The world will go on no matter what! There will be other contests. YAYYYyyyy happy dayyyy :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

@ natalie:


Anonymous said...

That's actually a good idea, though, putting the URL of the contest in the pic ^^

Michelle said...

I did that too (i'm just not as popular at dA -- and it is not finished, so i haven't entered yet).

And i know Saimain did, cause that's where i learned of this contest. I know Saimain is very popular on dA and i'm fairly sure her colored Watermaster was in the popular list on dA when she posted it.

Just a matter of when you happened to be browsing is all. LOL.

But yay! I'm glad your contest is getting more exposure. Even if it means less of a chance i'll win, it means more awsome OoT art to look at! ^_^

Hylian Reploid said...

Saimain has a DA account...and her pic made the home page too?! Man!! Did you happen to take a screenshot? If anyone has one of that or any other entries that got featured, send 'em my way and I'll be very happy to post 'em!

I hope I'm not coming across as only valuing a handful of entrants. I appreciate each and every one of you and everything you've done to make the contest as great as you have!

Anonymous said...

:\ I think Natalie's just trying to say that people are depressed because they think the contest is already won. Even if it was a smidgen smartass. People tend to get upset when "popular" artists enter contests, almost like they're not ALLOWED to or something.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see anyone getting upset, unless posts got deleted or something.

Anonymous said...

People get upset when popular artists enter because they tend to get preferential treatment because of their name, not because of their talent (if there is any).

Anonymous said...

DA is all a popularity contest anyway :( So much art isn't appreciated there when it's fantastic and then a lot of mediocre art gets hundreds of favorites. The publicity is good, but I wouldn't take it to mean that's the best piece in the contest, like was already said.

M.S.Andie said...

"Saimain has a DA account...and her pic made the home page too?! Man!! Did you happen to take a screenshot?"

I didn't get a screenshot. But i'm pretty sure i remember it being there the week she uploaded it... Her dA account is


Hylian Reploid said...

Hey, cool, you got a Blogger account! With links!! ^^ I'll have to be sure to check 'em out!

Thanks for Saimain's DA link too. All this time I'd only been going to meadowhaven!